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Cesar Chavez Street Design

The Cesar Chavez Street Design Plan is a detailed design effort to re-envision Cesar Chavez Street from Hampshire to Guerrero Streets in the Mission District. The outreach and design process, conducted between May 2008 and May 2010, identified ways to make Cesar Chavez Street a safe, pleasant, and attractive corridor for people, bikes, and transit that unifies, rather than divides, the neighborhood. We began by identifying a vision and goals and quickly identified three design options for the Cesar Chavez Street corridor. The community selected a preferred design, which included a widened and planted center median, bike lanes, corner bulbouts, new street lighting, and drought tolerant landscaping.

The Cesar Chavez Streetscape Improvement Project is now moving toward implementation by the Department of Public Works. Construction is anticipated to begin by mid 2011.

For more information visit the project website now hosted by the Department of Public Works. Here you will find project updates as the design and construction effort proceeds. Click here to view the new website.

For information about other street design projects in the Mission District, see the Mission Streetscape Plan.

Cesar Chavez Street
About the Project


This design process will coordinate the efforts of the many different City agencies with planned or approved projects along the Cesar Chavez Street corridor to ensure that a safe, gracious, inviting, and ecologically sustainable Cesar Chavez Street emerges as a focal point for one of San Francisco’s most cherished neighborhoods.

The project's goals are to:

  • Make Cesar Chavez Street a safer place for people by improving crossings, widening sidewalks, and enhancing lighting;

  • Redesign Cesar Chavez Street with high quality landscaping, gracious trees, pedestrian lighting, and other design treatments;

  • Reconnect the neighborhood by making Cesar Chavez Street a destination, rather than a divide;

  • Improve the area’s natural ecology by integrating stormwater design elements into the street;

  • Improve bicycle connections and safety in both directions;

  • Ensure that traffic doesn’t spill over into surrounding neighborhoods.


Project Status


A two year community design process was completed in May of 2010. City Agencies, including the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, the Department of Public Works, the SF Public Utilities Commission, and the Planning Department have since been reviewing and refining the design to ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

For more information visit the project website now hosted by the Department of Public Works. Here you will find project updates as the design and construction effort proceeds. Click here to view the DPW website.


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Materials from the Planning Process


Presentations & Project Materials:

Contact contact
Questions, comments, and suggestions on this planning effort should be directed to:

Andres Power, Project Manager
San Francisco Planning Department
1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Telephone: (415) 558-6384

Workshop #2 Presentation Materials
Workshop Presentation
Part 1: Existing Conditions - PDF 18 MB
Part 2: Process - PDF
Part 3: Timeline and Design Options - PDF 9.5 MB

Design Options (Boards)
Option 1: Center Median Option - PDF 2.5 MB
Option 2: Boulevard Option - PDF 2.5 MB
Option 3: Widened Sidewalk Option - PDF 4 MB
Comparison of Options - PDF
Cesar Chavez at Mission Street - PDF 11 MB
Cesar Chavez at Bryant Street - PDF 2 MB

Workshop Comment Summary - PDF

Workshop #1 Presentation Materials

Workshop Results - PDF 3 MB

Workshop Presentation - PDF 6.8 MB


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