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Mission District Streetscape Plan  

The Mission District Streetscape Plan is a community-based planning process to identify improvements to streets, sidewalks and public spaces in the city’s Mission District. The boundaries of the study area are roughly Division Street on the north, US-101 on the east, Precita Avenue, Mission Street and San Jose Avenue on the south, and Dolores Street on the west.

Draft Mission District Streetscape Plan Draft for Public Review now available for download.

Mission District Streetscape Plan

Draft for Public Review
October 2010

Download the
Draft Plan PDF 63MB


The goal of the Mission District Streetscape Plan is to re-imagine Mission District streets as vital public spaces that serve the needs and priorities of the community. The outcome will be a system of neighborhood streets with safe and green sidewalks; well-marked crosswalks; widened sidewalks at corners; creative parking arrangements; bike paths and routes; close integration of transit; and roadways that accommodate automobile traffic but encourage appropriate speeds.

The Mission District Streetscape Plan designs will improve pedestrian safety and comfort, increase the amount of usable public space in the neighborhood, and support environmentally-sustainable stormwater management.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • A new flexible parking strategy for gathering and outdoor seating uses;

  • New gateway plazas and a temporary plaza
    (included in the new Pavement to Parks program priority list);

  • Traffic calming ideas for residential streets;

  • Greening of mixed-use streets in the Northeast side of the District;

  • A re-envisioning of residential throughways;

  • An alley network strategy for small residential streets;

  • Design review for improvements of existing public spaces.

2009 Highlights

The Mission District Streetscape Plan held three successful community workshops between March 2008 and March 2009. These workshops guided the development of a draft plan and preliminary concept designs for prioritized areas in the district. Upcoming milestones include the following:

  • Workshop 4: August 12, 2009 – Presentation of draft plan; review of specific concept designs for focus areas.

  • Workshop 5: Fall/Winter 2009 – Open House with final plan presentation

  • CEQA Analysis: Starts Fall 2009

Once approved, the plan will set out a roadmap for getting the planned improvements built over time.



Draft Plan for Public Review:

Mission District Streetscape Plan

To obtain a copy of the draft plan on CD, please email us.


Presentations & Project Materials:

Workshop #4 Materials - August 12, 2009
Workshop #4 Presentation - PDF 6.8 MB

Presentation Boards
16th/Harrison/Treat Triangle - PDF 7 MB
Alleys and Small Streets - PDF 4 MB
     Dolores Street Gateway - PDF 11 MB
     Mixed-Use Streets - PDF 6.3 MB
     Neighborhood Residential: Traffic Calming - PDF 11.5 MB
     Policies and Framework - PDF 7.5 MB
     Priorty Projects and Capital Projects List - PDF 1.8 MB
     Residential Throughway: Bryant Street Road Diet - PDF 10 MB
     Residential Throughway: Folsom Street Road Diet - PDF 11 MB
     Residential Throughway: Intersection Improvements - PDF 9.4 MB
     Valencia & Mission Gateway - PDF 5.5 MB

Residential Throughways Road Diet Traffic Study
Preliminary Feasibility Analysis - PDF 1.3 MB
     LOS Analysis - PDF 1 MB

Workshop #3 Materials - March 11, 2009
Workshop #3 Presentation
- PDF 26 MB

Contact contact
Questions, comments, and suggestions on this planning effort should be directed to:

Amnon Ben-Pazi , Project Co-Manager
Telephone: (415) 575-9077

San Francisco Planning Department
1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

PARK)ing Day
The Planning Department hosted a (PARK)ing Day space on 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero on Friday, September 19, with the theme "(PARK)ing Day Everyday." We handed out information about the Mission Streetscape Plan and asked people for ideas of ways to permanently improve Mission District streets. Check out photos from (PARK)ing Day around the world.

Workshop #2 Materials - August 20, 2008
Workshop #2 Presentation - PDF 3MB
     Workshop #2 Summary Report - PDF 6.8 MB

Draft Vision - PDF
Draft Street Design Policies - PDF
Draft Street Design Toolkit - PDF 3 MB
Draft Street Framework Map - PDF 3 MB

5-Year Capital Planning Map - PDF 6 MB

Workshop #1 Materials - May 28, 2008

Workshop #1 Presentation - PDF 8.2 MB
Workshop #1 Summary Report - PDF 2.3 MB



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